May Wright Sewall to Jane Addams, January 30, 1915


January 30 1915.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 Halsted St.,
Chicago, Ill.

My Dear Miss Addams:

I wish you to know exactly the basis for this Conference, that is the basis for its organization, and the plan upon which it is going forward. I think, perhaps, the letter that I am sending to Presidents of National Organizations, will give you this information, better than anything else. Certainly such a letter goes, by right to you, as President of the New National Society for Constructive Peace. As you are a member of the Organizing Committee, however, I wish you to remain on the Organizing Committee, and there I am sure, you will do for this Conference, all and more, than you would as a member of its Home Advisory Board.

I want you to know, that there is no thought in my mind, that there can be a conflict of interests between Peace Workers in this Country, whether they are officially connected with Peace Organizations, or not. What can we desire, excepting the union of all Peace Workers in so far as that thing can be brought about?

I hope that long before our [Conference] is convened, the Peace workers of the East, and the Middle West, will have a more keenly realizing sense of the need of work on the Pacific Coast. Here is the point of <danger> in our country at the present time. The relation of Japan to the United States are <is> are subject of constant conversation here, and of constant discussion in the <Press>. It is by no means always the Americans <who> take the generous attitude in that discussion, and here is grave need of a <campaign> for the promotion of friendship between our country and all of the Oriental lands. The touch of the Oriental is much more keenly felt here than with us, and therefore we find in the Conference which the great Exposition gives us an opportunity to hold here, one of the best opportunities that could be looked for, for focusing the interests of Peace Workers of all Organizations, and of all countries, right here at San Francisco.

You wrote me some time ago, that you should be here, at some time, probably before our Conference. My dear Miss Addams, you certainly can afford to come to the Coast, twice, if necessary in order to take in the two great Conferences of July. The Peace Conference, and the Congress of the Council of Women Voters. [page 2]

I am depending very much upon you, to help me organize the program, for our Conference. I wish it to be very inclusive, for I wish the people who come here to have an opportunity to discuss all of the measures that have been published lately, and all of those that may be published, before July, I mean, all that seem to have a rational ground, as [illegible] <most> of them do, there may be more than we can combine in any one program, but I think they can be classified and grouped so that we can have a very clear and inclusive presentation of the views of Peace workers at the present time, as to what is the most <effective method of so working> during the War and after the War, for the reorganizing of Society in such a way, that no War can come again.

May I ask you, my dear Miss Addams, if you will kindly send to me by the next mail, the addresses of the Presidents of all of the National Organizations, that you have? I have sent to Mrs Miller, but evidently, she has only, relatively a few. Those simply that are in the National Council, which I am sorry to say has lost many organizations in recent years. I wish to approach the Presidents of all National Organizations, of women in the United States, particularly, of the Labor Organizations, and those that are working for Social and Civic Reforms. I am sure that you have many addresses that can help me, as I shall be glad to do everything to promote the success of your National [illegible] Association for Constructive Peace, so I depend upon you to give me the most generous help in preparation for this Conference of which you must become, as I am sure you will become, a very important and influential part.

With Cordial Greetings,


May Wright Sewall [signed]
Chairman, Organizing Committee,
International Conference of Women Workers

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