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Addams tells Lewis that she should invite Sybil Moore to the conference and discusses travel arrangements.

Addams tells Taussig that she and Carrie Catt have discussed the makeup of the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and Addams agreed that she ought not attend it.

Addams tries to meet Taussig while she is speaking outside St. Louis.

Addams tells Gobat that she votes against moving the WILPF headquarters out of Geneva.

Schwimmer stresses the importance of publicity for the W.I.L. Washington Conference and urges Addams to begin promoting it.

Addams sends a letter telling the graduating class that she hopes they learn how to serve men and women in their business careers.

Addams thanks Taussig for sending a donation to the WILPF.

Addams tells Taussig about plans to discuss Harriet Brown's peace manifesto at the upcoming meeting of the United States Section of the WILPF.

Balch tells Addams that she has sent payment for the Greek delegates.

Addams tells Lewis that she will not be able to travel due to a flare up of her kidney malady.

Addams updates Lewis on her health and notes that the peace delegates are all safely returned to Europe.

Addams updates Lewis on her health and the WILPF budgets and asks about friends and family.

Jones sends Addams a story that he ran about the International Congress of Women and tells her how much he enjoyed it.

Woods informs Moore that the WILPFis resigning from the National Council of Women.

Addams tells Lovett that she can use a flat at Hull-House and describes her vacation in China.

Addams tells Woods about the plans for publication and repaying the National for the WILPF Congress expenses.

Addams replies in the margins to Woods, providing her views on peace conferences and publications.

Addams tells Post that she does not want financial reports in the WILPF bulletin.

Addams write notes on Woods's letter, providing answers to her questions about WILPF reports, finances, and memberships.

Woods updates Addams about a Feminist Conference she attended in Lima and her sense of the political situation in Peru.

Balch tells Addams that the letter from Frederika Van Wulfften Palthe-Brose is not necessarily an official receipt.

Addams gives Woods a sense of steps needed to invite other organizations to the International Congress of Women.

Addams sends Ozawa a rough schedule for the International Congress of Women and the 1924 Summer School.

Brenner tells Addams about a change of date for the Survey Associates meeting.
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Addams sends Lewis a gift and looks forward to seeing her soon.
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Addams tells Lewis about her operation and plans for return to the United States.
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Addams tells Lewis news of her travels and discusses WILPF matters.
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Addams invites Lewis to stay with her at Hull-House when she visits.
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Addams tells Hulbert about her travels, and discusses her ability to send funds to help Hulbert's family.
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Addams updates Hulbert on her trip and provides some information about financial matters.
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