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Wright responds to Addams regarding scheduling of Woman's Peace Party meetings and her improving health.

Sewall thanks Addams for sending suggestions on how peace activists should respond to the United States' entry.

Sewall thanks Addams for helping develop the program for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition and discusses the importance of the meeting.

The participants on Henry Ford's Peace Ship wish Addams well and hope that she will soon join them.

Sewall asks for a copy of Addams' lecture at Carnegie Hall as Addams is too unwell to send it herself.

Sewall congratulates Addams on her trip to Europe and reports on the success of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition given conditions.

Sewall discusses the relationship of women's peace organizations under the umbrella of the Woman's Peace Party.

Sewall suggests a speaker to Addams and updates her on a conference that is being planned on the West coast.

Sewall asks Addams to help plan a session on Child Welfare and Social Service of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of the upcoming peace conference to be held in July, discusses public sentiment on peace on the West Coast, and chides Addams for her lack of support.

Sewall asks Addams to speak in July for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. She is glad that Addams is going to The Hague.

Sewall inquires about the travel arrangements for going The Hague.

Sewall updates Addams about organizing peace work on the West coast and asks her to take charge of a public program for the Panama-Pacific Exposition.

Sewall asks Addams for more information about the peace meeting in Washington, before she can decide whether to attend.

Sewall discusses Peace workers of several peace organizations and asks for the contact information for leaders of those organizations to inform them of an upcoming conference.

Sewall hopes to clarify the relationship between the Woman's Peace Party and the International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Permanent Peace.

Sewall reports on her activities and fears that she will not be able to make the Washington planning meeting.

Sewall writes Addams asking for permission to quote something recently published about her that will help work on the west coast. Sewall also asks Addams to visit the west coast in early July.

Sewall clarifies the relationship between the Woman's Peace Party and the International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Permanent Peace.

Sewall can not obtain a list of national organizations and reveals that Miller will attend the peace conference hosted by Addams if she is invited.