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Addams tells Woods about the plans for publication and repaying the National for the WILPF Congress expenses.

Addams replies in the margins to Woods, providing her views on peace conferences and publications.

Addams tells Post that she does not want financial reports in the WILPF bulletin.

Post telegrams Addams asking whether the WILPF bulletin should include financial reporting.

Addams write notes on Woods's letter, providing answers to her questions about WILPF reports, finances, and memberships.
ATP to JA, 1924-08-23.JPG

Thacher tells Addams that she disagrees with enhancing the role of the British Section of WILPF in the Report of the International Congress.

Addams telegrams Post to delay publication of the Report on the International Congress of Women to include more information on the British Section.

Addams provides her opinion on what World War I caused.
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