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Addams tells Lovett that she can use a flat at Hull-House and describes her vacation in China.

Addams spoke at the Young People's Sunday Evening gathering about her tour of conditions in India, China and Japan.
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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.
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Addams tells Lewis about her operation and plans for return to the United States.
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Addams tells Lewis news of her travels and discusses WILPF matters.
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Addams tells Hulbert about her travels, and discusses her ability to send funds to help Hulbert's family.
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Addams updates Hulbert on her trip and provides some information about financial matters.
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Addams sends Hulbert some information about financial dealings.
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Addams thanks Hulbert for her letters and asks for news of the family.

Addams sends a friend some photographs from Ceylon and hopes to see her soon.

Addams tells Taussig her travel plans and hopes to meet her when she is back in the United States.

Addams invites Park to the WILPF's emergency conference to be held in the Hague.

Addams tells Bunker that she can appear at his Pan-Pacific Union meeting but can only say a few words. She also indicates that she want no large reception on her arrival in Hawaii.

Addams tells of her plans to rest in Hawaii.

Addams gives an interview after landing in Hawaii discussing peace in Europe, and other topics.

Addams urged China to study of child labor and work against it.

Addams tells a reporter that India is failing to deal with its racial and religious problems.

An announcement of Addams's lecture , Hull House: An Experiment in Social Service.

Addams discusses child labor and the impact that it has on society.

Addams spoke about the United States and the League of Nations to the Community Church in Shanghai.

Addams discusses child labor and the impact that it has on society.

Addams addresses a peace meeting and argues that in order for Europe to recover economically, the peace treaty must be revised; she also argues that the United States should and will join the League of Nations.
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