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Addams tells Taussig that she and Carrie Catt have discussed the makeup of the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and Addams agreed that she ought not attend it.

Addams tries to meet Taussig while she is speaking outside St. Louis.

Addams tells Gobat that she votes against moving the WILPF headquarters out of Geneva.

Addams sends a letter telling the graduating class that she hopes they learn how to serve men and women in their business careers.

Jones sends Addams a story that he ran about the International Congress of Women and tells her how much he enjoyed it.

Addams gives Woods a sense of steps needed to invite other organizations to the International Congress of Women.

Carlyle tells Ireland about the American Service Committee's work in Mexico City.

Addams thanks Jodai for her hospitality and kindness and sends a gift.

Addams invites Park to the WILPF's emergency conference to be held in the Hague.

Addams tells Jodai about the upcoming international peace conference and sends greetings to Japanese friends.

Duchêne tells Addams that she feels that the only way for the WILPF to make it to the next Congress is to step up its activity and seek new members.

Franklin tells the WILPF that their accounts are fully paid and closed.

Addams tells Hull that her response to Carrie Catt was perfect and she would like to publish it in the WILPF newsletter.

Addams sends Kennedy drafts of Barnett House publicity material and asks who should serve on the Committee.

Addams tells Graves about plans for the Laura Dainty Pelham Memorial.

Feakins tells Addams that Countess Apponyi Karolyi is ill.

Addams tells Balch her understanding of responsibilities between the WILPF International and the United States Section with regard to the expenses of the International Congress of Women and the Summer School.

Shiverick criticizes Addams and the peace movement for operating in theory to end war rather that focusing on the deterrent of preparedness.

Paxton invites Addams to join the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference and do something practical to promote worldwide peace.

Glücklich updates Addams on recent activities in European peace sections and on WILPF finances.

Addams asks Rich for copies of a bulletin that reports on the WILPF Summer School.

Addams discusses the finances of the WILPF Summer School program.

Siedenburg thanks Addams for sending Peace and Bread in Time of War and tells about his planned speaking engagements.

Wood asks former colleagues to help E. von Gaisberg secure a charitable job.
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Balch tells Addams that they have moved the WILPF Summer School to Lugano due to political issues in Italy and updates Addams on her health.

Spiller invites Addams and the WILPF to participate in a World Campaign to End War to prevent another world war.

Addams asks Robins for donations to send children to the Bowen Country Club.

Post sends subscribers of the John Altgeld biography a final report on its progress.
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Addams tells Kellogg that she will try to send him a write up on the Pax Special but will be at a social work conference.
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