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Addams tells Taussig that she and Carrie Catt have discussed the makeup of the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and Addams agreed that she ought not attend it.

Addams tells Taussig about plans to discuss Harriet Brown's peace manifesto at the upcoming meeting of the United States Section of the WILPF.

Addams argues that militarism is on the downswing.

Dennis asks Addams for help in submitting intelligent peace plans for the Bok Prize.

Dennis thanks Addams for helping secure quality applicants for a peace prize.

Breckinridge tells Addams about the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and the Child Labor amendment.

Addams addresses a peace meeting and argues that in order for Europe to recover economically, the peace treaty must be revised; she also argues that the United States should and will join the League of Nations.

Addams announces that she is meeting with world leaders to urge them to settle the reparations problem immediately.

Paxton invites Addams to join the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference and do something practical to promote worldwide peace.

Addams describes public opinion in Europe and calls for American aid and engagement by women voters.

Addams describes public opinion in Europe and calls for American aid and engagement in the League of Nations.

Addams praises Hull for her actions at the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War.

Addams gives the example of a Belgian woman who aided Germans after the war as a model for new beginnings.

Addams urges Madison youth to work with European counterparts to seek international peace.

Addams praises Irwin's book for its educative value on disarmament.

Addams talks about the economic impact of war and preparedness on the budget and how social programs could be expanded with disarmament.

Addams urges the public to share its opinions on the Washington Naval Conference and argues for American involvement in international affairs.

Addams signs a holiday card calling for world peace and excerpting lines from It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Edmund Hamilton Sears.

Addams discusses Tolstoy and his ideas on labor and peace.

Addams and Bacon discuss Marianna Haenisch and her charitable work in Vienna and appeal to American women to help Austrian women.

Addams gives a statement about the role of education in Germany in fostering war and peace.

Addams argues for disarmament at a mass meeting held at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston.

Addams spoke to the Reading Chamber of Commerce on the role that the United States could play in reducing the humanitarian crisis in Europe.

Addams tells Trimble that she is happy to visit St. Louis.

Addams tells Rochester that she is saving the date for a lecture and tells her her topic.

Dennis asks Addams to help ensure that the Chicago Daily News receives quality plans for its peace prize competition.
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Balch drafts Grethlein & Co, regarding the posisbility of Addams doing a memoir.

Addams addresses the Fifth Congress of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Dublin detailing different approaches to a peaceful society that she has met around the world.

Addams thanks Taussig for her hospitality and updates her on plans to travel to Washington.
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