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Luckey tells Thiede that Addams will try to make a stop in York on her upcoming trip east.

Addams forwards Blair's letter to the School of Civics and Philanthropy to help her fill a vacancy.

Brenner reminds Addams to renew her membership in the Survey Associates.

Thiede asks Addams if she can take a speaking engagement in York, PA.

Bergen tells Addams about the plans for the Institute of Pacific Relations conference held in Hawaii and introduces William and Makiko Vories who are establishing a school in Japan.

McClatchy asks Addams to oppose efforts to weaken immigration restrictions on Japan and to help them obtain more supporters among the clergy.

Thomas asks Addams if she has any Bulgarian contacts in Chicago who could help with relief efforts there.

Daniels asks Addams to serve as a vice-president of the William Jennings Brown Memorial Association.

Glücklich sends Addams an acknowledgement of receiving funds and asks for a letter proving her work at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

MacDonald asks Addams for advice about accepting a lecture in Chicago and hopes to accept her invitation to saty at Hull-House.

Ghose asks Addams for help for his daughter's health, telling of his political exile from India.

Affelder sends Addams the names of recent donors to the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Addams tells Weller that can't sign his invitation to Mohandas Gandhi to invite him to lecture in the United States.

Brenner asks Addams about a potential date for the Survey Associates Board meeting.

Glücklich tells the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Board that she will remain as Secretary for an additional month to give Madeleine Doty a chance to raise some funds before taking over.

Harbord invites Addams to join the China Society of America.

Cooper sends Addams his letter to Alfred Kennedy regarding the future of the settlement movement and asks her opinion.

Kellogg asks Addams about her availability to attend a meeting of the Survey Associates.

Evans tells Addams that she is leaving as secretary of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's British Section and seeks jobs in the United States dealing with peace.

Lewis offers to take Addams and her friends antiquing in Mexico City.

Jacobs tells Addams that she will be in the United States in the spring and hopes to meet.

D'Arcis's secretary tells Addams that she will be speaking on peace at the International Woman Suffrage Alliance Meeting and hopes to make other speeches while in the United States.

Addams tells Andrews that she provisionally agrees to appear at the 1928 Pan-Pacific Women's Conference. A portion of the letter was published in the Honolulu Advertiser.

Ford thanks Addams for being willing to attend the 1928 Pan-Pacific Women's Conference in Hawaii and sends some information about the event.

Miskolczy-Meller sends Addams holiday wishes and asks her to tour Europe in 1926.