Emily Greene Balch to Agnes Lisle Brown Leach, September 29, 1920



6, rue du Vieux-Collège

↑Sept 29/20↓

Dear Mrs. Leach,

There is a matter that I have long been meaning to write about and that I have completely let slide and that is the N.Y. situation. I had a letter from Mrs Villard (undated and I forget of how long ago), about the Womens Peace Society, two letters from Elinor [Byrns], the first of over a year ago, and a statement from Mrs Karsten in a letter of last March a copy of which I enclosed herewith.

I have written letter after letter but in each case was afraid that what I had written would do more harm than good and sent none of them. I enclose the most elaborate of these attempts. It was addressed to Mrs Villard but my intention was to send copies to all those especially interested.

I am dreadfully ashamed of my neglect in the matter but I seemed paralyzed by my doubt of how to write.

Now I come to you for advice as to whether I can do any thing and in what sense I had better write if I write. I shall be most grateful for information as to how things now are and for any suggestions.

I enclose a copy of a letter that I am sending to Mrs. Park

[Always] most faithfully