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Balch tells Addams of decisions made at the WILPF Executive Committee meeting regarding a December meeting, summer schools and staffing.

Maddox hopes Addams will be able to write out the commencement address she gave for Rockford College so that they can send it to alumni.

Holt praises Addams' new book and invites her to a Detroit meeting of the WILPF.

Heymann tells Addams that Emily Balch needs to take medical leave from WILPF work because she is near a nervous breakdown.

An editorial complaining that German women are bearing the brunt of the Versailles treaty, and questioning the belief that Germany was responsible for the outbreak of the war.

Balch asks Addams to preside over a December conference on peace.
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Kellogg thanks Addams for her letter and suggests that Ralph Winstead help Alexander Bing with an article for The Survey.
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