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Addams tells Catt that she will not attend the International Council of Women conference, but hopes it is a success.

Slayden thanks Addams for her sympathy and hopes tht WILPF will open a Texas branch.

Spencer tells Addams about recent confrerence and her sister's medical condition.

Johnson tells Elliott about her experience with peace celebrations.

A clipping describing Nathan Shiverick's condemnation of peace activists.

Shiverick criticizes Addams and the peace movement for operating in theory to end war rather that focusing on the deterrent of preparedness.

Collson sends Addams her thoughts about peace and asks for help finding work she can do for peace.

Catt tells Addams about the possibility of an investigation of the WILPF for Russian ties by Congress and provides information about a similar investigation of the Women's Joint Congressional Committee, and mentions that the accusations are funded by militarists.

Schwimmer blasts Addams and the United States Section of WILPF for their lack of publicity and organizing work for the International Congress of Women and criticizes the impact that social workers have made on the peace cause.
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Hopkins calls our Jane Addams and religious pacifists for allowing the Turkish massacre in Armenia and Assyria.

Peabody praises Addams's Peace and Bread in Time of War and her views on religion.

Gompers tells the Central Labor Union how the American Federation of Labor plans to act on Armistice Day.

Ernst asks Addams for a meeting, telling her that she has felt alienated from American peace activists and advising on the problems in Germany.

Balch asks Leach for advice in resolving the problems with the Women's Peace Society.

A snippet of a letter Furuhjelm wrote Balch on support for disarmament in Finland.

Addams tells Spencer her ideas about next steps for the Woman's Peace Party given the situation in the United States.

Ford answers questions about the use of the word "murderer" in regard to soldiers, crediting it to Addams.

Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Carter criticizes Addams after she gives a speech renewing calls for pacifism.

Smith requests that Hull protests Addams' International Peace Conference.

Weyl thanks Addams for her critique of his book The End of War (1918).

Mead writes Addams about the hoped-for resolution of the disagreement of the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party and about resignations from the Minimum Program Committee in protest of Louis Lochner's presence.

Lynch asks Lochner to resign from the American section of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace on the grounds that others are resigning because Lochner is a member.

Addams explains the controversy between the New York State and New York City Woman's Peace Party branches, but believes it can be resolved.

Addams asks Mead to mediate between the New York branches of the Woman's Peace Party by meeting with the two groups with Emily Balch.

Percy tells Addams how angry she is over the New York State Woman's Peace Party conference, especially the behavior of Emily Balch.

Root resigns from the Woman's Peace Party if Addams wants her resignation, and tells of her medical problems.

Mead complains about a New York Times article that she believes misrepresents the Woman's Peace Party.

Jordan tells Addams he is not going to the People's Council meeting in Minneapolis because he does not agree with their tactics.

Mead discusses tactics for the peace movement with Addams in the light of recent diplomatic developments in World War I.
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