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Woods informs Moore that the WILPFis resigning from the National Council of Women.

Woods updates Addams about a Feminist Conference she attended in Lima and her sense of the political situation in Peru.

Addams addresses the objections of the American Legion to the WILPF Summer School, denying their charges that the peace movement is led by Communists.

Addams proclaims that radio and moving pictures are used as militarist propaganda and discusses WILPF's international work.

Addams gives Woods a sense of steps needed to invite other organizations to the International Congress of Women.

Duchêne tells Addams that she feels that the only way for the WILPF to make it to the next Congress is to step up its activity and seek new members.

Addams addresses a peace meeting and argues that in order for Europe to recover economically, the peace treaty must be revised; she also argues that the United States should and will join the League of Nations.

Balch tells Hughes the circumstance of her making an erroneous statement about Austrian war debts.

WILPF's Executive Committee plans its activities and staffing for 1922-1923.

Balch invites the members of the WILPF Executive Committee to a meeting in Frieburg.

Balch tells Swanwick that they have moved the location of the Summer School and discusses staffing plans at the WILPF to cover her six month rest.

Addams discusses the problems with the peace settlement with London reporters.

Addams tells Balch her understanding of responsibilities between the WILPF International and the United States Section with regard to the expenses of the International Congress of Women and the Summer School.

Kirchhoff thanks Addams for her help and describes her experiences at the International Congress of Women.
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Addams thanks Glücklich for her work and tells of efforts to start a section in Peking.

Balch sends Shiverick information about the WILPF's goals in reply to his letter to Addams.

Balch sends Addams her letter to Nathan Shiverick apologizing for the delay in making corrections.

Addams telegrams Kellogg that she cannot get a real article to him by July 7 but will send a few paragraphs on the peace activities that summer.

Glücklich updates Addams on recent activities in European peace sections and on WILPF finances.

Addams asks Rich for copies of a bulletin that reports on the WILPF Summer School.

Addams discusses the finances of the WILPF Summer School program.

Evans tells Addams about her experience in America during the International Congress of Women.

Stewart tells Addams of the impact on the Detroit branch of the death of its leader, Louise Atkinson, and their determination to go on.

Addamsforwards a letter regarding the International Congress of Women.

Jacobs thanks Addams for her aid during the International Congress of Women and at Hull-House.

Woods tells Addams that the Pax Special delegates have boarded ship and are on the way back to Europe.
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Balch tells Addams that they have moved the WILPF Summer School to Lugano due to political issues in Italy and updates Addams on her health.

Dulles asks Addams who the delegates traveling on the Pax Special will be so that they can arrange lectures for them.

Addams asks Norton to fix the problem with Oksana Dragomanowa-Khrapko's Pax Sepcial ticket.
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