John Duncan to Jane Addams, October 19, 1915

29 St Bernards Crescent
Oct 19th 1915

Dear Miss Addams

Mrs Whyte, who writes you in the letter I forward, created the Edinburgh Section of the Womens International League. She is the leader in all things spiritual in Edinburgh, and yet one who does all as if she did nothing -- in quiet ways.

We believe, as she says, that you are called to a great work in this terrible time, and that you must take the [illegible] initiative: That your presence in Holland would make a [center] for women to make their voices heard and their influence felt as nothing else would. The madness of war is here in Europe, and it is here the forces must be concentrated that are to do it away.

You are the International Women's League and you must be in Europe at the [center].

Yours Ever

John Duncan