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Addams tells Lovett that she can use a flat at Hull-House and describes her vacation in China.

Addams tells Woods about the plans for publication and repaying the National for the WILPF Congress expenses.

Addams replies in the margins to Woods, providing her views on peace conferences and publications.

Addams write notes on Woods's letter, providing answers to her questions about WILPF reports, finances, and memberships.

Balch tells Addams that the letter from Frederika Van Wulfften Palthe-Brose is not necessarily an official receipt.
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Addams sends Lewis a gift and looks forward to seeing her soon.
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Addams tells Lewis about her operation and plans for return to the United States.
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Addams tells Lewis news of her travels and discusses WILPF matters.
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Addams invites Lewis to stay with her at Hull-House when she visits.
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Addams tells Hulbert about her travels, and discusses her ability to send funds to help Hulbert's family.
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Addams updates Hulbert on her trip and provides some information about financial matters.
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Addams sends Hulbert some information about financial dealings.
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Addams thanks Hulbert for her letters and asks for news of the family.

Addams sends a friend some photographs from Ceylon and hopes to see her soon.

Addams tells Taussig her travel plans and hopes to meet her when she is back in the United States.

Addams notes the names of some Korean contacts.

Bunker offers Addams her assistance while she is in Korea.

Kirchhoff thanks Addams for her help and describes her experiences at the International Congress of Women.

Kellogg sends Addams a paragraph about her role in the social work movement (not found) which he has to delete from an article.
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Addams thanks Gl├╝cklich for her work and tells of efforts to start a section in Peking.

Addams tells Culver about her trip in China.

Balch sends Addams her letter to Nathan Shiverick apologizing for the delay in making corrections.

Addams tells Balch of her travels in China and entices her to spend a year there working for education and peace.

Coleman invites Addams to stay with her during her visit to Hawaii and recommends some sites to visit.

Zichy asks Addams to visit her while she is recuperating from illness at Semmering.

Clark sends Addams a newspaper clipping and photograph

Evans tells Addams about her experience in America during the International Congress of Women.

Stewart tells Addams of the impact on the Detroit branch of the death of its leader, Louise Atkinson, and their determination to go on.
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