May Wright Sewall to Jane Addams, February 2, 1915


February 2, 1915.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 Halsted St.,
Chicago, Illinois.

My Dear Miss Addams:

The moment that I received my appointment as a member of the [Cooperating] Council of the [Woman's] Peace Party, I accepted it, because I wish the whole world to know, (that is our little world which we address), that the women of our country are a unit. That far from there being any conflict between the movements in which they are particularly interested, that all of these movements are [cooperating] in the same spirit in which we are working to get the nations of the earth to [cooperate].

I assure you, that it is necessary that this [illegible] <solid front> among peace workers, the women peace workers of this country, should be presented to the world in order to secure for the success of any party, the <support> [illegible] that all parties deserve. All of us are working for the same object. The Conference, you know is not an organization. It has distinctly kept aloof from organizations as such, that all representatives in it might be free to support any platform worthy of universal support that before it should convene, should be presented to the public.

The [Woman's] Party is undoubtedly, that party. I hope that the [Woman's] Party will call here a great National Conference in conjunction with this International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Permanent Peace.

Everything that I can do to help such a movement, I shall do, as from the time the announcement was made of The [Woman's] Party in Washington, I commenced here [illegible] <to speak> sympathetically for it.

Will you kindly get some of these facts inserted in your Chicago papers? To prevent the misapprehension that already is whispered, that there is antagonism among the different parties of Peace Workers <this is necessary>. Certainly there is none that I know of, and certainly none in my heart and none in my plans.

I wish to get this letter off at once, but shall write more probably tomorrow, of the reasons for my belief that the [Woman's] Peace Party should be numerously represented here in July; <and> that it should be made widely known that its chairman is a member of the Organizing Committee of this Conference, and that the Chairman [illegible] of the Conference is a member of the [Cooperating] Council of the [Women's] Peace Party.

With Cordial regards Yours,

May Wright Sewall [signed]

[handwritten at the top] N.B. Please forgive an untidy sheet due to haste and to a new typwrit not yet cued to my voice.