Martha Carey Thomas to Jane Addams, March 11, 1912


March 11, 1912.

Dear Miss Addams,

We are delighted that you are able to speak at commencement. In all the twenty-six years that the college has been open we have never had a speaker who seemed to us to belong more properly on our commencement platform.

The Consumers' League and the students generally have come to me, having heard in some mysterious way that you are to be at the Deanery, to beg that you will give them a talk at any time whatsoever, half an hour if you cannot speak an hour, on the white slave trade and the social evil. Would it not be possible to get this in on Friday morning at chapel at a quarter to nine before you go to your cousin's at Overbrook, or better still on Thursday afternoon at 4:30 which would give you time to rest before you dressed for the dinner. You can tell me when you come and of course you must not do it if you do not feel like it. I am only writing this so that you may make no other engagement to speak without considering this request.

With kind regards and many thanks for accepting our commencement invitation.

Sincerely yours,

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