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Detrich asks Addams to speak for Gifford Pinchot's Senate campaign in October.

Addams regrets that she is booked in September and cannot speak for Gifford Pinchot's Senate campaign.

Detrich asks for contact information for Jane Addams.

Kellogg asks Naysmith to join a Round Table discussion on peace at Hull-House.

Kellogg asks Addams to preside over a small peace meeting and hopes she can send an agenda. He also encloses a letter he wrote to George W. Nasmyth.

Blake asks for Addams permission to include her name on the Children's Peace Petition.

Addams ask Ladd-Franklin to visit Hull-House before leaving Chicago.

Wald invites Balch to a round-table discussion on peace.

Young informs Detrich that Addams will be out of town until October 1st.

Addams informs Hostetter of her travels and general well being.

Addams and forty-five other women petition Post to halt the deportation of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Addams informs North she will not be able to meet at a requested time due to a prior engagement.

Bok asks Addams for an article arguing against the idea that women over fifty should give up social service and civic work.

Prosser informs Addams that the National Society for Vocational Education has appointed her to a committee on women and girls.

Addams asserts that the changing fashion is not degrading to women, rather freedom of movement in modern clothing is a good for a woman's health.

Inspired by Addams' statement in a newspaper, Hapgood asks for an article on women's fashion.

Lindsey writes Addams to explain a campaign to discredit his work to regulate crime against women.

Florence sends the biographical content about Addams that Merriman had requested for use in the Survey.

Writing on behalf of Addams, Wells informs King that Addams will most likely be unable to visit Oberlin for a speaking engagement in the winter.

Addams informs Kellogg that she has no changes to suggest for the annual report of The Survey and that she will not be able to extend her upcoming stay in New York.

Addams addresses the Ethical Culture Society about those who oppose war, specifically those who believe that war is unnatural.

King again asks Addams to give at lecture at Oberlin College in January 1914.

Addams discusses the formation and goals of Hull-House in a speech to the B'rith Kodesh Temple.
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Addams argues for the value of recreation and urban spaces for play in the life of a society.
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Speaking to the National Education Association meeting, Addams discusses her thoughts on educating mentally, morally or physically "deficient" children.
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Addams discusses the work of the League for the Protection of Children, formed to advocate for the well being of children in Chicago. The comments were made during the National Education Association meeting.
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In Addams' speech before the National Conference of Charities and Correction, she forcefully argues for child labor reform as well as increased education. The speech, given on May 10 in Richmond, VA, was published in the proceedings.
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