Nellie Harris Baldwin to Jane Addams, February 26, 1918

6622 St. Lawrence Ave
Chicago Ill.
Feb. 26 1918

Dear Miss Addams,

I am very anxious for fear the National Security League -- with its vast membership of

American "bourgeoisie"

will succeed in fastening upon our country universal military training. Are not you?

Will not you and Miss [Breckinridge], Miss [Starr], and other men and women who lead in such things call a mass meeting to protest? If we leave it to our Socialists only to protest, it will be termed "unpatriotic."

Did Greece, with its splendid physical manhood, have universal military training? I think not.

India, in the ancient splendid days trained one caste only -- the warrior.

Has Germany's example been such that we want to follow it? France discarded it. England did not have it. Some of England's colonies have not conscription.

This is not pro-Germanism! It is pro-Americanism; this [page 2] League is controlled, I believe, by capitalism, which needs universal militarism to survive! While we -- if we care for humanity -- the world -- brotherhood -- want the capitalist system to pass away from the face of the earth.

Will you not call us to protest?

Sincerely yours

Nellie Baldwin.

I am protesting to my Congressmen and to others. Please help, will you not, in your splendid way?

Universal military training is Prussianism! Nothing more nor less!

Switzerland, surrounded, needs a trained citizenhood; but we, free, need only train those suited to it! And who care for it! That will be enough.