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Addams tells Kellogg about meetings with Albert Winship and Ralph Chaplin about articles for the Survey on prisoner releases from Leavenworth.

Addams praises Rolland for his inspiration during World War I.

Salomon praises Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War and reflects on the isolation of pacifists during World War I.

Garfield thanks Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War and discusses the causes of World War I.
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Kellogg discusses plans for publishing chapters from Peace and Bread in Time of War, and discusses his feelings during World War I.

Bryan lays out six alternatives to war and urges readers to alert them to the President and their Congressmen.
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The Woman's Peace Party outlines steps that peace activists can take once war is declared.

Farley suggests creating a petition signed by mothers to end World War I and asks for Addams' help.

Allen praises Addams's peace work and tells of the needless death of her son in the Great War.

Baldwin calls upon Addams to protest universal military training.

Nelles asks Addams for help in the case of Ernest Gellert, a conscientious objector who committed suicide in suspicious circumstances in an Army prison.

A quote attacking the role of intellectuals in World War I.

Halsey regrets not getting to speak with Addams but appreciates her address and agrees with her views on politics.

Haldeman-Julius updates Addams on her daughter, explains recent appeals to remove her husband from the draft, and discusses their publishing company.

Addams asks Denison to write a telegram to Woodrow Wilson urging him to join a conference of neutral nations.

The International Congress of Women's report of activities including Jane Addams's address, resolutions, and a report of the work done by the delegations to European capitals.

Addams hopes to see Lindsey soon and commiserates about the difficulty of finding a way to help on the home front.

Luxemburg details her imprisonment for writing anti-war pamphlets, and asks for reading material.

Mead suggests some revisions on the Woman's Peace Party statement and urges it be sent out immediately.

Norton asks Addams for suggestions of wartime activities suitable for pacifists.

Post warns Addams that the Woman's Peace Party must be careful in their programs not to appear to be attacking the president.

Letters written by a German soldier, published in Jus Suffragi, detail the moral dilemma faced by troops at the front.

Kellogg tells Addams that he plans to go to Europe and asks for letters of recommendation. He also discusses issues concerning the Survey's article on conscientious objectors.

Frost tells Addams about her opposition to World War I and asks for advice.