Irene Johnson Cook to Jane Addams, February 5, 1916

Siler City, N.C.
Feb. 5, 1916.
Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Madam,

It was my great pleasure to visit "Hull House" in 1895 -- all these years I have followed you in the magazines etc.

Your work for peace has met with deepest appreciation.

I am worrying over Mr. Wilson's preparedness plan. Can nothing be done to save us from militarism? Surely the plan means future war? Can we in no wise prevail? Has not our unpreparedness kept us out of the conflict so far? If so, I hope we shall remain "unprepared." [page 2]

We women do not want men to die for us, but to live for us. I know but too well a widow's life, the meaning of earning a livelihood, etc and it almost maddens my brain to hear men cry war for honor. Where is the honor when ten thousands of widows toil & suffer alone? Even here our democratic papers laud Mr. Wilson's every act & word. The masses are ignorant. Can't you and Mr. Ford get out in leaflets the real meaning -- cost, etc of preparedness & let the friends to peace distribute them widely? Surely we must work rapidly or our sons and school-boys will be in the [cause] and on the battlefield.

Yours to command

(Mrs) Irene Johnson Cook

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