Raymond Unwin to Jane Addams, September 4, 1923

North End
Hampstead N.W.3

4th September, 1923

My Dear ↑Miss Addams,↓

The League of Nations Union in which I am very much interested are anxious to make arrangements for the sale of their publications in all parts of the world, and wish to know the names of publishers or booksellers who would be willing to undertake to put the pamphlets and papers on sale in different dominions or countries.

If you could give me the names and addresses of any such persons or firms who would be likely to be willing to take this up, I should be very greatly obliged to you. I am aware that there will not be any great money in this although a discount of 33 1/3% off the published prices is allowed; and probably to the extent that there is a sale, something could be added to the published prices to cover the carriage. But any bookseller who is interested in international questions would find that these pamphlets which come out regularly dealing with such questions as they arise and become of interest, would gradually establish a connection among those who are following international affairs. [page 2]

I enclose a price list of the publications.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond Unwin [signed by secretary]

↑Miss Jane Addams.↓

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