Jane Addams to Lucy Biddle Lewis, June 6, 1922 (fragment)



June 6th

Dear Mrs. Lewis:

Our three ladies have had a very successful time in Chicago. They left yesterday for Milwaukee, then go to Madison, St. Paul, etc., and return here the afternoon of June 9th. We are getting accommodations for them for the night of the 10th to go to Niagara Falls. They want to spend a night and a day there, go down the Hudson by day on the [12th] and arrive in New York probably on the evening of the 12th. They do not sail as you know until the 16th but are very anxious to have time in New York. Gertrud Baer made all sorts of appointments with young people and Mrs. Robinson wants to see Feakins. I tried to get Mlle. Pottecher to say that she would prefer to stay with her friends but she does not wish to and I am afraid that we will have to provide for the three of them from the 12th to the 16th, -- three full days and four nights.

We hope to get together about $400 in Chicago for them. Each had a ten dollar bill in her hand with a ticket for Milwaukee when they left here. We will of course pay for them from Chicago to New York and their trip to Niagara and whatever else we can scrape together will be sent to you for their ocean expenses. I am sure they feel they ought to have some money for extra expenditures on clothing, etc. It is only fair for they have [traveled] rapidly without trunks and it is hard on what clothing they possess. I would almost rather send them off with a $100 apiece and let Miss [Balch] for the $250 we still owe her for their passage over. I do not see how there could be any difficulty about their landing with the money as lecturers are coming here all the time and at any rate it could be called expenses.

↑I will write a letter to Wald --- hastily [yrs]↓