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Addams comments on Robert M. La Follette's death.

On her return from Mexico Addams argues that the people are ready for peace. This is a short summary of remarks made at the WILPF United States Section conference in Chicago.

Addams forwards Blair's letter to the School of Civics and Philanthropy to help her fill a vacancy.
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Addams speaks on woman suffrage at a meeting in Potage, Wisconsin. She gave the same speech in Janesvile.

Addams tells Catt that she will not attend the International Council of Women conference, but hopes it is a success.

Addams advises Hull regarding the American Section of WILPF's efforts to raise funding because of the attacks on the peace movement.

Addams tells Kellogg about meetings with Albert Winship and Ralph Chaplin about articles for the Survey on prisoner releases from Leavenworth.

Addams sends Woods a clipping about patriotic oaths and suggests that WILPF's United States Section might want to protest it.

Feld gives her impressions of an interview with Addams at at Hull House.

Addams exhorts women to use arbitration to settle difference rather than military force.

Addams notes that she is not alarmed about present day social conditions.

Addams argues for peace and international understanding to help bring Europe out of the devastation of war.

Several filmed outtakes of Jane Addams discussing the history of settlements and the work that they do with a group of children. Click this link to view the video, which comes from a 35mm nitrocellulose negative. The film is hosted by the University of South Carolina's Moving Image Research Collection. A reference card about the clip is also attached.

Addams argues for peace and international understanding to help bring Europe out of the devastation of war.

Addams tells Detzer that she thinks they should be cautious about releasing a statement on China until they have more information.

Addams tells Lewis that she should invite Sybil Moore to the conference and discusses travel arrangements.

Addams tells Taussig that she and Carrie Catt have discussed the makeup of the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and Addams agreed that she ought not attend it.

Addams tries to meet Taussig while she is speaking outside St. Louis.

Addams hopes to see Taussig and her family when she passes through St. Louis.

Addams tells Gobat that she votes against moving the WILPF headquarters out of Geneva.

Addams sends a letter telling the graduating class that she hopes they learn how to serve men and women in their business careers.

Addams thanks Taussig for sending a donation to the WILPF.

Addams tells Taussig about plans to discuss Harriet Brown's peace manifesto at the upcoming meeting of the United States Section of the WILPF.

Addams tells Lewis that she will not be able to travel due to a flare up of her kidney malady.

Addams updates Lewis on her health and notes that the peace delegates are all safely returned to Europe.

Addams updates Lewis on her health and the WILPF budgets and asks about friends and family.

Smith thanks Blaine for her annual check and wishes her a happy New Year.

Addams congratulates White on his biography of Woodrow Wilson and sends him a copy of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams tells Kellogg that she is impressed by Beulah Amidon but does not want to influence his decision on hiring her.
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