Jane Addams to Henry Churchill King, December 18, 1907



December 18th, 1907.

My dear Mr. King:--

Ever since your letter came I have been trying to work out my engagements. Between a lecture at the Ethical Society and two regular meetings of the School Board, I find that I would have to rush to Washington and back giving only time for the lecture and taking no part in the conference.

If you do not feel that I have delayed matters and if I will not complicate affairs by declining so late as this, I would be only too glad to drop the entire thing for this year.

I hereby promise to come to Oberlin next year and meet either of the other engagements if they are still available, but I really feel that I ought not to attempt to come in February. I have already accepted appointments for a trip to the women's colleges in March.

I would like to say by way of apology that I do not often vacillate in this way and this came about largely because I wanted very much to [cooperate] in your undertakings, and that my chief regret now is that I shall be unable to do so.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]