Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, February 21, 1916


My dear Marcet

If I sent you a typewritten copy of a hearing in Washington it was by mistake and the manuscript should be sent to Mrs Karsten

To Woman's Peace Party
116 So Michigan Ave Chicago.

I seem to have mixed up my letters the other day.

We are quite enchanted with the [photographs] -- Your [clientele?] is the "real thing" and makes me quite homesick of my own neighbors. Mary sends her love to you. We are off to California this evening [page 2] and are in the midst of packing. It was so good to have the visit with you here that I can't keep hoping you will find New Orleans possible.

Always devotedly yours

J. Addams

Feb'y 21st 1916

P.S. I have had a slight relapse but am quite alright again.

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