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Ambedkar sends Addams his wishes for a quick recovery from illness and hopes that he can see her while in America.

Addams tells Lewis that she will not be able to travel due to a flare up of her kidney malady.

Addams updates Lewis on her health and notes that the peace delegates are all safely returned to Europe.

Addams updates Lewis on her health and the WILPF budgets and asks about friends and family.

Smith tells Lovett about her travels in Texas with Addams.

Smith sends Wald good wishes for her recuperation and discusses events at Hull-House and her own health.

Addams sends Linn some dresses for her children and notes she will be returning home.

Addams tells Linn about her vacation in Mexico.

Addams updates Hull on decisions to be made at the upcoming WILPF meeting and hopes that she will be able to attend.

Addams tells Lovett about her travels and recent illness and thanks her for helping out.
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Addams tells Lewis about her operation and plans for return to the United States.

Smith sends Ewing her condolences on the death of Helen Culver and explains that Addams's health is poor so she will not be able to travel.

Addams tells Bunker that she can appear at his Pan-Pacific Union meeting but can only say a few words. She also indicates that she want no large reception on her arrival in Hawaii.

Addams tells of her plans to rest in Hawaii.

Addams gives an interview after landing in Hawaii discussing peace in Europe, and other topics.

Balch send Addams a letter she wrote a few days ago and hopes that her health has improved.

Jacobs wishes Addams a speedy recovery from illness and talks of the difference in reception in Washington at the International Council of Women meeting and the WILPF's International Congress of Women.

Addams reassures Jacobs that she has recovered from her illness and wishes that she might have hosted Jacobs at Hull-House.

Addams asks Detzer if Kathleen Innes's books have arrived and is sorry for not speaking with her much at the Conference.

Thomas asks Addams for an article about better understanding between the races for a publication that he wants to send to Germany.

Addams tells Lovett that she won't be back to Chicago until the end of September and thanks her for all her kindness.

Fisher wishes Addams a speedy recovery and hopes to visit her in Japan.

Van Der Vaart sends Addams well wishes during her hospitalization.

Addams tells Hull that her health is better and discusses WILPF finances and her pleasure that Hull will be the National President of the United States branch of WILPF.

Addams tells Hester that she is pleased to assist St. Luke's Hospital due to the excellent care she received there.

Kelley tells Addams how she responded to Alonzo See's attack on child labor legislation and worries over Addams's health.

Addams tells Graves that she cannot meet in Baltimore in March and discusses her nephew John Addams Linn.

Reis wishes a warm welcome to Addams's return to Chicago.

Cumberson sends Addams wishes for improved health and asks about her plans to visit San Francisco.
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