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Addams tells Hulbert about her travels, and discusses her ability to send funds to help Hulbert's family.
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Addams updates Hulbert on her trip and provides some information about financial matters.
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Addams sends Hulbert some information about financial dealings.
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Addams tells Hulbert about her recovery at Nikko.
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Addams thanks Hulbert for her letters and asks for news of the family.

Addams sends Haldeman-Julius gifts for her children and invites them to visit Hull-House.

Beck interviews Addams about her trip to Madison as a child.

Addams tells Kelly about Herbert Miller's move to Ohio State University and tells her that Esther Hulbert will likely visit her in New York.

Addams sends Linn a dress and asks about her family.

Addams sends Linn her sympathy on his father's death.

Addams tells Graves that she cannot meet in Baltimore in March and discusses her nephew John Addams Linn.

Addams thanks Linn for the Christmas cakes and advises her on the use of her check.

Linn sends Addams get well wishes and tells of her second grade graduation.

Addams tells Hulbert about her trip and that she was unable to visit John Linn's grave.

Addams tells Linn about family news and invites him to visit her in Maine.

Fry wishes Addams good health and discusses events at Cedarville.
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Linn asks Addams to come visit his family on her way back from Asia and describes his children in depth.

Addams thanks Lovett for a gift for Louise Hulbert's wedding and hopes to see her in Maine.

Addams asks after Linn's health and sends an heirloom chair.
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