John Jay Heskett to Jane Addams, February 10, 1916

Miss Jane Addams
Chicago Ill.
El Paso Texas
Feb 10-16

Miss Addams will you kindly take the time to read this letter. I waited for the Ford Peace Party to return before writing to you. I knew it would return as it did and so would you had you [known] the scriptures but not knowing them you [too] were caught with the delusion that you could overcome by the moral influence of a few people the accumulated wrath of many generations.

When the gospel of Christ was believed and obeyed last and when the last Saint of God lived and died the Lord only knows one thing is certain it has been a long time.

You know this that while the world is full of bibles no one knows and no one cares what the doctrinal teachings are.

You know that the sectarian churches are such because they are [false?] it has been their part inspired from the Pitt to deceive the world into believing that it is not necessary to obey the sound doctrines of the bible and I think you will testify that they have [done] their work well. [page 2]

The churches by their work of deception have made the conditions what they are today and the rivers of blood have only begin to run. Rev. 12-15.

Miss Addams the [beginning] of the end is here what you are trying to stop by human influence is the [irresistible] powers of darkness that have been turned [loose] because of the [sins] of the nation. Men have defied the almighty God and have taught every specie of lying doctrines as the gospel of Christ and have boasted that these falsehoods were sufficient to satisfy God and save men in the world to come and you see what the result is. The scriptures tell us that in the last days of this age there will be two saints on earth and the glory of God will be seen again among the Gentile nations. Rev. 13-15.

Miss Addams if you have a real sympathy for suffering humanity learn the truth of God's word and teach it to the people you meet.

I enclose some leaflets if you will read "Know the Prophecies" and "The Way of Holiness." They will explain [some things] that I cannot explain in this letter.

May The Lord Bless You

John Heskett

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