Secretary to Jane Addams to Casson Eugene Parsons, January 31, 1916


My dear Mr. Parsons:

May I reply for Miss Addams to your letter of January the 26th to say that at the present time the Emergency Peace Federation is practically a dead organization, although we do rally its forces every once in a while for some special thing. The last two times that it has been called upon have been to promote the very idea which your Resolution suggests, that of the Conference of Neutrals. This is the very end for which all our telegram campaigns have been made, and it is quite clear that the President will not act upon the question now. Because of this, Mr. Ford undertook his private commission to bring about an unofficial conference of neutrals, and this thing is now established and is sitting in Stockholm.

Mr. Lochner, Secretary of the Emergency Peace Federation, is now attending this conference and as Miss Addams is leaving for the west tomorrow, it is impossible for the Federation to act even upon so excellent a Resolution as you have presented. I trust with all my heart that an official conference of neutrals may be brought about.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Secretary

Mr. C. E. Parsons,
American Peace Society,
840 Cass St.,
Detroit, Michigan.