Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, March 11, 1902


My dear Alice

Weber's engagement has been broken and the poor lad is having a hard time, but he is so [manly] and fine that I am sure he must come out all right in the end. 

He insists that he sent you a book and also one to his father, that he posted them together and both apparently failed to arrive.  He has a three months vacation beginning April 1st, and then starts in with his increased rank July 1st. [page 2] Mrs Kelley & I and perhaps Miss Lathrop are going on to Los Angeles May 1st, don't you think that you would better join us--it will be a charming time for Cal. The [Colorado] trip was via Omaha, as a pass had been given me on the Burlington.

I have been interrupted so many times that I will send this letter as it is.

With love from Laura & myself both to you and Marcet. always your loving sister Jane Addams

March 11"1902