Lillian D. Wald to Mary Rozet Smith, September 20, 1915


September 20, 1915.

Beloved One: --

The morning's mail brings me a staggering request from Vassar College to speak in the place of the Lady. Under ordinary circumstances I should have found it a problem; but now, at the eleventh hour, and to face a disappointed multitude (for they tell me that they have been conjuring with her name), it is hard on me. However, I do not see very well how I could refuse, as they write plaintively and, I think, convincingly that I ought to do it.

Sister [Kelley] and Docky and I have been tearing our hair and they are both sorry that this has fallen upon me. Both suggest, however, that I get you to glean from the Lady what her subject was to be, and if she has any ideas at all that could be passed on, I will try to incorporate them in my theme. Please tell her that devotion to her plays a large part in my making it more comfortable for the Vassar College program people. If you get any gleams of light and truth, jot them down and send them on at once.

I am terribly sorry that the [canceling] of the Vassar College engagement indicates her weakness. My only hope is that it is not so much as a realization on her part that she must be very careful and that you have persuaded her that this is the right thing to do.

With deep affection to you all,

Yours as always

Miss Mary R. Smith
Hull's Cove

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