James Brown Scott to Jane Addams, December 31, 1914

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2 Jackson Place
Washington, D.C.

December 31, 1914.

[Miss] Jane Addams,
Hull House, 800 South Halsted St.,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Mrs. Addams:

I was much pleased to receive your letter of the 28th instant, in connection with the tentative program for the Peace Society, and a copy of your letter to Mrs. Catt. It is needless to assure you that I am deeply interested in your movement and hope it may be successful in every way.

It will be impossible for us to appoint representatives of the endowment to attend the meetings, as we do not send delegates to any conferences. I shall, however, be glad to do anything personally which you think I can properly do.

May I wish you, in closing, the most profitable -- and therefore the happiest -- year in the great and noble work which you began so many years ago and are still spared to carry on.

I am, my dear Mrs. Addams,

Very sincerely yours,

James Brown Scott. [signed]

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