Jane Addams to Jessie Ashley, October 19, 1912


October 19, 1912


My dear Miss Ashley,

I am quite at a loss in regard to your letter which came this evening. I had never, of course, spoken to Miss Towle about the contract and never dreamed of saying what you quote me as having said. I did quote Mrs. [McCulloch] to the effect that she thought Miss Blackwell could terminate the contract. [page 2] I am sorry you consider me unjust in regard to Journal matters. I have used the best [judgment] I had in the matter and assessed that each member of the board did the same <with tolerance for differing opinion.> I certainly never have called you "inhuman" and am altogether quite bewildered by your letter.

We develop a certain sixth sense for misunderstandings [page 3] at the board meetings, I am afraid, do we not? If it were not for this I should feel that I ought to have an apology for being accused of an insinuation against Miss Towle when I cannot even imagine upon what your letter is founded.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]