Harriet Angeline Castle Coleman to Mary Rozet Smith, July 28, 1923


July 28 1923

P. O. BOX 3290
T. H.

My dear [Miss] Mary Rozet Smith --

Your letter from Tokyo of July 7 was very welcome -- we were very glad to hear of Miss Addams welfare directly as we cannot always depend on newspaper reports.

I am sorry we must give up the pleasure of entertaining in our home Miss Addams and yourself and I know that George and Helen Mead will be sorry that Miss Addams cannot be up on this hillside when it [page 2] is cooler than in the lower circle and where the wonderful view refreshes the soul -- but I can well understand your reasons for desiring the independence of a hotel -- and will do my best to secure what you want.

You do not say whether you prefer a seabeach location or inland -- so I am inclined to select the cooler place which is inland nearer the hills -- The Pleasanton Hotel is as good as any -- and can accommodate you undoubtedly for as long as it suits your convenience -- and you can move elsewhere if you decide some other location would be more desirable.

We certainly shall hope to see you all often during your stay.

With Aloha to Miss Addams and yourself I am most sincerely yours

Harriet Castle Coleman

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