Marguerite Gobat to Jane Addams, June 30, 1922


Geneva, June 30

Dear Miss Addams,

With the same mail, I am sending some [programs] and post-cards to your address, and hope you will get them in time. Miss Balch is still in Morzine (Savoy) but is coming back Monday, as I am [going] for my holidays on Tuesday, July 4th. -- I read this morning in the [program] of the [Internat.?] Peace Congress in London, that you will have the chair on July 28th. Is that possible? How beautiful it would be to have you here again this year, but I don't think that we can expect you. -- Yesterday, Miss ↑Amy↓ Woods and Miss Wambaugh left for Vienna and the plebiscite countries.

I shall see that you get all [page 2] material for propaganda as soon as I have someone to help us. Mme Tunas is in Munich and I am alone with the new secretary of Miss Balch, Miss Eichenberger, who is in great trouble with the book-keeping.

Always yours affectionately

Marguerite Gobat

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House