Lucretia Peabody Houghteling to Jane Addams, May 20, 1908


Winnetka May 20

My dear Miss Addams,

Mr. Houghteling and I had already read your article on the "Chicago Settlements on Social Unrest."

We were however very glad to re-read it that we might again be impressed by your calm, sane way of explaining [page 2] the position held by you and your co-workers at Hull House.

We are entirely in sympathy with your explanation and feel that we as well as Chicago at large are greatly indebted to you for your tireless efforts to restore a calm sense of justice.

We were in California when this tragedy occurred and it seemed to us a most [page 3] deplorable exhibition of hysterical fright on the part of the police.

Such occurrences must fill your heart with bitter distress.

With kindest regards, believe me very sincerely yours

Lucretia P. Houghteling.

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