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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

Barnett misses Addams and wants to hear more of her activities and inner thoughts.

A summary of Addams' address about Hull-House and its relationship with the neighbors it supports.

Taylor tells Addams on about the success of summer programs at the Chicago Commons Farm Camp and seeks help fundraising for it.

Omori tells Addams about the Japan after the earthquake and asks her to help relief efforts.

Thomas outlines a possible book on race and immigration, focusing on how immigrants assimilate and how their customs shape their lives.

Thomas tells Addams about his planned book on race and immigration.

Thomas weighs in on Addams' plans to publish research done by social settlements and suggests that he do a book on the race question.

Addams thanks Blaine for her donations to the Wendell Phillips Settlement and Hull-House and invites her to the Juvenile Court celebration.

Addams advises the Association on setting up a settlement house for African-Americans in Washington, DC.

Omori leaves a calling card hoping to see Addams while in Japan.
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