Jane Addams to Agnes Lisle Brown Leach, February 9, 1918


February 9th, 1918

My dear Mrs. Leach:

I am very grateful for your most generous contribution to the Congress After the War fund. The whole value of the undertaking will depend so much upon what we can do in the way of publicity and printing.

There are moments when it seems as if peace might be fairly near but, of course, the whole situation is beyond human prognostication.

I am so sorry that as a member of the Board, you have had the difficulty between the State and City branches in New York. I should be very grateful if you find time to write me a word concerning the outcome. We had all assumed that Mrs. Mead, who is an old friend of Mrs. Williams, had talked to her about it and that she was in a reasonable frame of mind. It seemed to me very serious to have the National Board interfere in a purely state matter of that sort but I have no doubt our action, or rather lack of it, seemed feeble to the eager group in New York.

I have been in the hospital for a part of last week and am being sent to California for the month of March. I am sorry to postpone the meeting of the International group but hope that we can have it a month or six weeks later. Our Congress after the War fund has now reached fourteen thousand dollars in money pledged or paid. I feel most grateful for your interest in the matter and your willingness to present it to some other people. There is a certain act of faith I suppose on the part of any donor towards it.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]