Zona Gale to Jane Addams, December 1, 1917


Dear Miss Addams: --

I am more sorry than I can say that I shall not be able to go to Philadelphia. I wanted to go, not only because of the special fitness of such a meeting now, but because I want to talk with you and with the others, and to be with them and with you. The fact that the enormous [byproduct] of the time is not all sinister is a greater guarantee than can be taken away by all the extremes of despair of the time. The main issue, though, seems to me to be our main issue. What marvelous [byproducts] may that realization not bring, when once it is operative? And even now.

That expression of feeling for the women of all other countries in the statement sent out after the meeting at Mrs. Wilmarth's, seemed to me so perfectly the thing to be said. I agree that Miss Abeel's and my committee should be discontinued -- I have been meaning to say that. Every good wish for the Philadelphia meeting, and my love to you.

Affectionately yours,

Zona Gale [signed]

Portage, Wisconsin
December 1:1917

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