Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius to Jane Addams, February 1917 (fragment)


Dearest Auntie --

I have been intending to write you ever since the dear little blue dressing gown reached us. But I arrived home the last of December to find Oscar laid up with water-on-the-knee and he is not yet able to leave his room.

I persuaded him to have a capable attendant and while he is not actually ill (though he is still confined to bed) and I consult him many times a day, the extra work has [page 2] been extremely heavy on the rest of us. I don't know when I have ever put in such strenuous two months. And it seems to me no sooner is the Bulletin out (the first of the month) than it is time to begin on the Booster (for the bank) which I issue the fifteenth.

This year, too, the legislature is in session and I have kept my stenographer busy all day long with the correspondence of the Bankers Association.

It was impossible to stand Mrs Shoemaker's [page 3] easy going ways and constant forgetfulness any longer and tactfully and gently but firmly I got rid of her and have had to train a new girl. We take all our meals at home now, have them all beautifully served and I have established the same system in my household that I have in my office for the Association and am developing in the bank.

Manuel is so fond of his home that it is a pleasure to make it as perfect as possible for him, especially as he takes a delight in [page 4] [cooperating] and in helping me plan.

But it does seem sometimes as if I never have a moment, all day long, to sit down except to dictate letters or write articles. As I have not my lord and masters facile pen, I must, perforce toil laboriously and I honestly look forward to the time when I shall be laid up for a couple of weeks and can get a little rest.

I shall be glad when the legislature adjourns. It convened the [missing page(s)]