Woodrow Wilson is Good Enough for Jane Addams, October 4, 1916



Jane Addams will vote for Wilson. After many weeks, in which women on both sides came to Miss Addams with facts, arguments, prayers and suggestions, Miss Addams at last has definitely come out for the present president.

Because Miss Addams founded Hull House, served on the Chicago vice commission and was a trustee of the board of education, a leader of women Progressives in the 1912 campaign and mentioned as a candidate for mayor of Chicago when women first got the ballot in Illinois -- because Miss Addams has often been called "the foremost citizen of Chicago" -- there is more than ordinary interest in her saying her ballot goes to keep Wilson four years more in the White House.

That Miss Addams was to go on the Ford peace ship and that she toured Europe looking at war, armies and governments at close range, and was beaten in all her attempts to find a basis for proceedings to end the war, all this gives added significance to her pro-Wilson ballot.

Since her illness of past months Miss Addams has been at the home of Mrs. Joseph T. Bowen. Predictions were made in the Woman's City club circles that along with Mrs. Bowen's coming out for Hughes would also be Jane Addams. Miss Addams is staying at the home of Mary Rozet Smith, 12 W. Walton Pl., and said yesterday that while she plans on no formal statement her vote goes for Wilson. She said:

"I am ill and not able to do any political work. I do not think I shall make any statement formally declaring myself. When I am asked the direct question about my vote I reply that I shall vote for Wilson."