Harriet Park Thomas to Frederick Lynch, January 4, 1916


January 4, 1916.

My dear Dr. Lynch: --

Miss Addams has asked me to take up with you the matter of the indebtedness of the Church Peace Union to the Woman's Peace Party, as I was the representative of our organization on the conference committee which met several times last Spring to try to make some adjustment of our rental and general overhead expenses after the withdrawal of the Church Peace Union from our partnership at 116 South Michigan Avenue. At that time Dr. Jones, Mr. Henry Morris, President of the Chicago Peace Society, Mr. Townsend, the Secretary and I, talked things out quite fully and Dr. Jones agreed to repay from the sum in his charge the indebtedness to both societies.

As the Chicago Peace Society as first party to the lease had always paid the rent, telephone bills etc., this business also passed into their hands and the enclosed statement marked No. 1 was rendered to Dr. Jones. According to his books which I have gone over with Mrs. Jones, the amount due the Chicago Peace Society from the Church Peace Union was repaid gradually, leaving a balance of $478.80, of which $345.95 was owing to the Woman's Peace Party.

After Mr. Townsend talked with you in New York in October and you agreed that the Church Peace Union would resume its responsibility toward the Chicago Society, Dr. Jones further paid to the Chicago Peace Society the sum of $478.40 covering the rent for the months of May to November inclusively. I am enclosing a duplicate receipt of the amount paid by Dr. Jones.

As the original balance (see first statement) of $478.80 was so similar to the amount covered by the $478.40 paid October 25th, Dr. Jones, not noticing the slight variation in the decimal figures, thought he was paying the earlier indebtedness and that the Woman's Peace Party account against you ($345.95) was included in this lump sum. As a matter of fact, the earlier claims should have had a lien upon any moneys which Dr. Jones was administering.

From these statements you will see that the original indebtedness of the Church Peace Union to the Chicago Peace Society has been entirely wiped out and that additional sums amounting to several hundred dollars have been paid to that society by you, while the account of the Woman's Peace Party against the Church Peace Union, now a year old, is still [page 2] unpaid.

We feel that it is most unfortunate that this complication has risen. It is partly due to the fact that the Chicago Peace Society rendered the bills and paid the rent. I hope this explanation will be satisfactory to you. Dr. Jones has the originals of the duplicate bills which I am enclosing. Please reply to me Room 648 Munsey Building, Washington, as I am located here for the next month.

Very sincerely yours,

<Signed H. P. T.>