Harriet Park Thomas to Madeleine Zabriskie Doty, December 23, 1915


My dear Miss Doty:

You will be delighted to know that Miss Addams has been permitted to leave the hospital and go to Hull-House for the holidays. Of course she is still confined to bed and is under the care of a nurse, but she feels so much more in the world in her own room and bed than in that strange and bare hospital room.

She has asked me to write and acknowledge both your letters to her, and to thank you for the splendid list. We expect to make good use of it in the future. I believe she has a few more names to be added to it, but there is not time to attend to that detail work just now. She suggested yesterday that perhaps all the replies which had come here should be sent to you so that you would have the complete tabulation.

Miss Addams confidently hopes to go to the Annual Meeting at Washington, and, as she has always been [able to] do miraculous things where her own body was concerned, I don’t consider it unlikely, though I think it would be imprudent. She asks me to tell you that she hopes to see you there and to talk out a great many things in regard to the plans for the Woman's Peace Party.

She also had a letter from Mrs. Pethick Lawrence in which she heard of the hardships attendant upon peace efforts in England.

She sends you her cordial greeting and all good wishes for a happy holiday season, in which I join most sincerely.

Faithfully yours,

Executive Secretary.

Miss [Madeleine] Doty,
83 Washington Place,
New York, N.Y.