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Glücklich expresses her surprise at the small amount of American delegates in Sweden, and asks Addams if the others would be able to hurry.

Schwimmer is concerned that she hasn't heard from Addams and gives her an account of their activities in Scandinavia and Germany.

Widgren sends Addams names of American women who might be interested in joining the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Widegren thanks Addams for funds and hopes to send delegates to the International Congress of Women in Dublin.

Widegren tells Addams that she had ideas about the Summer School program but may not be able to afford to travel to the International Congress of Women in Dublin.

Widegren tells Addams that the Swedes are having difficulty accepting the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's pacifist platform passed at the International Congress of Women.

Widegren thanks Addams for supporting the peace mission and tells her about how funding will help the International Congress of Women at Dublin and the Summer School.

Widegren sends Addams a report (not found) and discusses coming to the United States to report on Swedish activities in education.

Widegren suggests to Addams that Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's International Branches could work with immigrant communities in the United States to drum up support for peace.

Addams expresses her regret that she will not be able to make it to Stockholm immediately, but informs Lochner of her tentative plans to arrive in April or May.

Shapleigh tells Addams tales about devil babies and unnatural births.

Wærn-Bugge writes to Balch regarding international recognition of Soviet Russia.

Catt reports that Aletta Jacobs is en route to New York and seeks assistance in meeting with Wilson. Catt is concerned that World War I will spread to Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

Kleman asks Addams to meet with Alma Hedin when she comes to the United States.

Addams calls for a charitable response to aid the famine sufferers in Sweden, discussing the different kinds of charitable work in education and relief.

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