Maria Matilda Widegren to Jane Addams, January 5, 1923


Stockholm, January 5 1923.

↑[illegible] garten 59↓

Dear Miss Addams.

My best thanks for your kind letter. Now I send the report. I hope it will be able to give you some understanding of the Finnish question. You see that it is very complicated.

Some days ago I had a letter from Miss Holbrook, Chicago, telling me that an international Teachers-Congress is planned in connection with the annual meeting of the N.E.A. at San Francisco. She invited me to come and to interest Swedish Teachers for the purpose. Certainly I will do my best to have the congress known here. I myself should love to go. But without money I can not do it. If money would come dropping from the sky, I shall come and afterwards go to the Swedish districts, lecturing about peace. I should also lecture in Swedish history and literature. That would open the doors of the Swedish colleges, and I could choose such objects and do it in such a spirit that it would also be peace-work.

But this is only beautiful reveries. The fact is, now when I have time, I have no more money, being pensioned.

Your gratefully

Matilde Widegren [signed]

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