Maria Matilda Widegren to Jane Addams, January 15, 1924


Stockholm, David Bagaresgatan 9-11, January 15, 1924.

Dear Miss Addams,

My heartfelt thanks for your two letters, your Christmas message, the Report of Hull House, the beautiful etching and last but not least your portrait just as I saw you twenty years ago, when you invited me to take tea with you at Hull House.

In Sweden we think the fact of the Congress taking place in U.S.A. very good and important. Could we stir up the American women we should become victorious. We therefore will try to send one or if possible two delegates, but there will be great difficulties to afford money. We have settled to ask all interested people for a Congress Crown. But we must do a great press propaganda. I intend to write to the American section asking for all kinds of pictures and information which can be used.

Our section has proposed the bureau that the European members after the Congress should go directly to the parts of U.S.A. where their countrymen live, and speak and work at so many places as possible. If the interest for peace is minimal, they might lecture about [literature] and art of the old countries, and they will certainly find many ways to speak for our ideas.

We had a plan of my going to Latvia at New Year's time, but we could not procure money, and I have so much to do in Sweden that I was glad to postpone the journey.

In the end of January Mrs Beskow will go back to the Ruhr District for a month. I am sending you a Report of her German work during the autumn last year. [page 2]

My best wishes for a happy 1924.

Yours gratefully,

Matilda Widegren [signed]