Anna Sofia Kleman to Jane Addams, April 20, 1920 (fragment)


Stockholm April 20th. 1920

Dear Miss Addams,

This letter is to introduce to you Miss Alma Hedin of Stockholm one of our most efficient social workers.

Miss Hedin, a sister of Dr Sven Hedin, acts as a landlady in a huge building, "Govenii Minne", erected here for the housing of poor families with [page 2] many children --- especially widows. She is now sent to America for studies in her special line by four of our biggest industrial firms, who are planning to do for their workers about the same things, that Miss Hedin has so successfully started in "Govenii Minne."

Dear Miss Addams I know, you are always so busy. Still I hope from your great kindness that Miss Hedin will have the benefit of a [conversation?] [page(s) missing]

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