Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, March 24, 1905

Rome N.Y.
March 24" 1905


Here I am in one of my favorite hotel rooms having finished just now the last installment of Wm Ashe. It is getting more interesting now that Mary Lyster is the villian of the [plot].

I had a charming afternoon at Mrs [Winthrope?], John [Winthrope?] is a fine baby and his father the "head nurse" & his mother declares and certainly he is very "handy" and successful with him. I had a comfortable journey here and a chance to rest before the lecture and to write a long screed to Titusville which lies heavy on my conscience. I was very grateful for your dear little [note] and glad that things are going better. [page 2] Nothing in the world is so mysterious to me as the different points of view people take of the same event or series of events -- it is positively [wearing?] -- this was much impressed upon me by the [happening] at Cedarville the other day.

How did Parsifal come out? Do write me a word to Miss Walds and give my best love to Aunt Sarah and your father. Always yrs

J. A.