Jane Addams to Caroline Bartlett Crane, November 8, 1911


November 8, 1911.

My dear Mrs. Crane:-

Mrs. McCullough gave me your letter and I can well understand the sense of dissatisfaction and unfairness which must remain in your mind after the Louisville Convention.

I was asked, however, by both Miss Shaw and Miss Thomas to let my name be used as Vice-President but had no idea that there was any faction or difficulty. I declined quite strenuously but said just enough in the way of acceptance, I am afraid, to find myself committed. Miss Breckinridge has been in correspondence with Miss Clay and I am quite sure that she, at least, understands my position.

I wish very much that I might see you some time when you are passing through Chicago and talk over Suffrage matters with you.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]