George E. Vincent to Jane Addams, November 14, 1904

Municipal Museum of Chicago
5737 Lexington Ave.,
Chicago, Ills., Nov. 14, 1904.

My Dear Miss Addams:-

The Chicago Municipal Museum has reached the point where immediate action is demanded.

A representative of the directors has spent the last ten days in St. Louis, securing gifts, options, and making other tentative arrangements. There are assurances which can be relied upon that at least two rooms in the city library building will be put at the service of the museum.

Everything now depends upon the securing of funds. Expenses up to the present time have been defrayed by the geneosity of one of the members of the board of directors, so that no obligations have been officially assumed.

In order to take advantage of the absolutely unique situation which the St. Louis ↑opportunity↓ affords, the directors should secure $15,000. With this a notable beginning can be made, but in order to be effective contrbutions must be available at once.

Will you not, therefore, make every effort to interest a number of individuals in the plan and report results within the next three or four days to the undersigned?

The enclosed leaflet, copies of which have been sent you describes the plan in general. It is not necessary to elaborate the obvious importance of this museum. Chicago is entering upon a new period of civic life. In fostering civic loyalty and guiding public opinion this museum could render great practical service.

Yours sincerely,

George E. Vincent [signed]
President of the Board fof Directors
Miss Jane Addams
Hull House, Chicago.

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